Delivery and After-sell Service

About Delivery

We collaborate with DPD and DHL to offer you the best and fastest delivery service worldwide.

Dispatch Time

All Kitayama products are handcrafted in small quantity in our studio. After Kitayama receives the order, we will start to customize it. Kitayama will ship the ordered item within 7 to 10 days. Please allow us extra crafting time for the bag with a complex structure. For the exact dispatch time, please check the product information or contact our customer service.

Delivery Policy

We collaborate with DPD and DHL for delivery and offer the free shipping worldwide. If you have the particular requirement, please add your request when filling in the shipping information.


Kitayama will dispatch your ordered item within 7 to 10 days. As soon as we finish customizing it, we will ship it to you.

You can find the tracking information under My order.

Return, Exchange, and Refund

Return and Exchange Policy

All items are customized after the orders are received. We don’t exchange or refund the sold item unless there is a quality problem.

If there is any quality problem of your ordered item, within seven days after the purchase with no damage on the item and the packing, we will exchange a new item for you or refund you.

If the exchange or refund request is due to the subjective reasons rather than a quality problem, such as the customer does not like the product or places the wrong order, we will not exchange or refund you.

About Quality Problem

The handcrafted product is not like the standard factory product. It is hard to draw a line to define its quality problem. We judge it according to our craftsmen’s expertise and experience. However, due to the nature of leather and craftwork, there are some problems that we still cannot explain. We need time to process and solve such problems. Therefore, if there is any quality problem with your ordered item, please contact our customer service. We need your feedback and help to perfect our products.

Below are the issues that we can identify:

  • 1. Loose stitch and glue failure
  • 2. Product defects
  • 3. Growth lines, scars and marks on the leather surface
  • 4. Stains on the leather


To avoid unnecessary troubles, the recipient should sign to receive the package correctly. Before putting down your signature, please spend some time to check:
1 / Whether the product information matches your order or not. If there is any issue, please keep the package sealed and contact our customer service.
2 / Please check whether the package is intact or not. If the package is damaged, do not sign it. Please take pictures of it as proof and contact our customer service. We will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.
We appreciate your understanding. It is a major step before starting a beautiful journey with Kitayama. If we do not hear anything from you, we presume that you have received your package correctly, and you are happy with our products. If there is any loss caused by your ignorance, Kitayama will not be responsible for it. Thank you for your understanding.

Return and Exchange Procedure

When there is a quality problem with your ordered item, and you want to return or exchange it, please answer the questions below first:
1. Have you received the package for over seven days?
2. Have you used the ordered item?
3. Did you keep the packaging?
Before we return or exchange an item for you, you are responsible for it and handle it with care. If it meets the requirements above, you can then follow the procedure for return and exchange:
1. Please take high-quality photos of the defective item and send them to our customer service.
2. After receiving the confirmation from the customer service, please select Return/Exchange under My order.
3. Please wrap the item well and leave a note with your order number, your name, and contact number in the package. It will help us accelerate the return and exchange process.
4. When we receive and confirm your package, we will refund or exchange a new item for you.

About Refund

You can request for refund only before Kitayama dispatches your item.
We will refund the payment to your credit card. The processing time often takes about 7 to 14 working days.
Every returned item must meet the requirements of Return Policy, if you don’t initiate this procedure within seven days after you receive the package, we will not refund you.
You will get a message notification after Kitayama processes your request.

Care and Maintenance

Leather Goods Care

Leather goods craft and leather goods care are two different professions. We specialize on handcrafting leather goods. However, we are not experts on leather care. Various types of leather require different care. We advise you to go for the professional leather care. Below are some basic leather care tips:

Genuine leather is a natural product. Scratches on the leather cannot be completely restored. Beware of sharp items and avoid the direct contact with ink, paint or lipstick. Such stains are rather difficult to remove even for the leather care professionals.

For daily cleaning use a piece of half-dried cloth to clean off the dust or dirt on the leather and then let it dry naturally. Every few days, wipe your bag all over with a piece of soft dry cloth. This method will help maintain a good appearance of your bag.

Genuine leather absorbs water. Avoid the longtime contact with water. Water may stiffen leather or cause glue failure. If the leather is in contact with water, wipe it immediately with a cotton cloth and let it dry naturally. If the leather is in contact with soft drinks, use a piece of dry cloth to blot up the spills, wipe it off gently and let it dry naturally. Do not dry it with the hairdryer.

Avoid contact with grease. The oil stain is hard to remove when it permeates into the leather. If the leather is in contact with oil, dry it with a clean cloth and let it dry naturally. Do not use water or aggressive cleanser to clean the stain.

Do not use chemicals to clean the metal accessory. Avoid the exposure to intense sunlight or rain and keep the leather goods away from the fire. Do not iron the leather surface. Prevent the contact with acid, alkali, salt, bleach and other chemicals.

Beware of the dark color clothes that are easy to lose color, especially the jeans. If you find large stains on your leather goods, bring it to the professional leather care.

Care and Maintenance

Kitayama provides the lifetime warranty for each item you have purchased from us. Please contact our customer service about the damage. We will fix it for you unless it is badly damaged or impossible to repair.
Kitayama provides you one leather care and maintenance service for free. This free service does not include the shipping cost.
After this free service, Kitayama will charge repair service in the future.