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Itoshiroshi Handbag | White €456

White Itoshiroshi Collection

The long-lasting item needs to be perfect.
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White Itoshiroshi Collection

Spring/Summer 2015

White is an unusual colour. 
It contains all the colours of the spectrum, but it can also be considered colourless.
This colour with its mild character might not arouse people's wants such as lust, 
appetite or other extravaganzas.
The colour white is never pale. 
White represents brightness.
White conveys a sense of loneliness. 
It is easy to be defiled, therefore we must cherish it. 
Owning anything in the colour white requires great care. 
White should not be spoiled.
White is emptiness. 
It can be interpreted as nothingness. 
It is waiting to be filled. Perhaps, viewing it from another perspective, it is already full.
The simple combination of white and rectangle embraces power. 
The pure white colour and the geometric rectangular form soothe emotions.
White and bright objects are like waves, black and solid objects are like rocks; 
they both create a sense of calmness.


1. Beware of the dark colour clothes that are easy to lose colour. Do not carry the bag against such clothes.
2. Due to the unique structure of the bag, there might be fold marks on the side or a tiny gap at the seam corner.  
3. The embossing service is provided. Embossing place: inside handle area.


  • Size
    26.5cm × 23cm × 8.5cm
  • Capacity
    books/wallet/cosmetic bag/mobile phone/keys/umbrella
    weight: 450g
  • Material
    Leather: 100% Full-grain calfskin
    Lining: 100% Suede lambskin
Crafting Time

All Kitayama bags are handcrafted in small quantity in our studio not in the factory. After the order is placed, we will start to customize the ordered bag. The ordered bag will be dispatched within 7 to 10 days. Please allow us extra crafting time for the bag with a complex structure. For the exact crafting time, please contact our customer service before purchase. Our craftsmen work 8 hours per day. The crafting time of the different type of bag varies. Find the chart below for your reference.

Leather Care

Tips 1: Genuine leather is a natural product. Scratches on the leather cannot be completely restored. Beware of sharp items and avoid the direct contact with ink, paint or lipstick.

Tips 2: Genuine leather absorbs the water. Avoid the longtime contact with water, the water may stiffen leather or cause glue failure. If the leather is in contact with water, wipe it immediately with a cotton cloth and let it dry naturally. Do not dry it with the hairdryer.

Tips 3: For daily cleaning, use a piece of half-dried cloth to clean off the dust and dirt on the leather and then let it dry naturally. Every few days, wipe your bag all over with a piece of soft dry cloth. Such an easy method will help to maintain a good appearance of your bag.


/Return and Exchange Policy/

If there is any quality problem of your ordered bag, within 7 days after the purchase, with no damage on the bag and the packing, we will exchange a new bag for you or refund you. If there is no quality problem we will not exchange or refund your ordered bag.


We collaborate with DPD and DHL for delivery and offer the free shipping worldwide.

/Extra Service/

For any bag you ordered from Kitayama, we will provide you the lifetime care and repair services as well as the leather embossing service. For the detailed information please contact our customer service.


Due to the nature of full-grain leather, the growth lines, scars and marks on the leather surface cannot be completely avoided. These natural marks on the leather are not the quality problem of the bag.


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